By FontPlanet - Oct 15, 2018

New fascinating font trend is here, SVG fonts. This new trend allows you to display this fonts as you wish, for example, with gradients, animations and with many different and various colors. They are also known as a color fonts. You can use them anywhere because of their unique feature they bring up every design on higher level.

Today we introduce you 10 best and fascinating SVG fonts.

Hope you will enjoy and that this post will inspire you to make some new and amazing SVG fonts.


1. Always Thankful Font

This beautiful hand painted font was made by Greg Nicholls. It inckudes two styles: Regular and All Caps version. Perfect font for making your design absolutely amazing.


2. Boquet Flower & Watercolor Font

SVG font made by Bloom XXVI. Includes two versions: Bouqet Flower and Watercolor Font. You can use it as wall art, branding, websites, digital media and much more.


3. Yeah Font

Yeah font is shiny and cute balloon look alike font, made by Simon Stratford. It comes with three styles: gold, silver and black. It is very unique and perfect for birthday cards, baby showers, anniversaries and much more.


4. Ciera Font

This font comes in two versions, in SVG with awesome watercolor texture and in solid sans font version. It was made by Skyla Design and you can use it to create wedding designs, mood boards and monograms.


5. Beforth Font

Beforth font was made by Greg Nicholls and it can be used in any color, on any background. This font is unique and it comes in opentype SVG and OTF/TTF vector version.


6. Avallon Font

Handpainted brush font made by Sam Parret. It comes in regular and all caps version. This font is special beacuse it has incredible brush details.


7. Blockino Font

Blockino font is awesome, colorful and also playful font made by Kyle Jones. So if you want to add something fun and colorful to your design this font is perfect choice.


8. Hunters Font

Realistic SVG font which looks like it was hand painted. It was made by Greg Nicholls and it is suitable for any design.


9. Hamilton Font

This font family includes three different types: script, serif and sans serif. It was made by Tom Chalky and inspired by vintage maps, wine and whiskey labels. You can use it for logo, packaging design and invitations.


10. Bluesky Font

Amazing 3D font made by Bangkit Setiadi. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, alternative and multilingual characters. This font is great for titles, packaging, buisseness cards and much more.

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