By FontPlanet - Aug 23, 2018

When it comes to fonts for children it is really important that you chose wisely.
In that case, this post will make it easier for you to work on childrens projects, because we introduce you 13 amazing and playful fonts for children's projects.

Firstly, for younger children it is very important that fonts are bigger and thicker.
On the other hand for older children fonts can be thinner and smaller, but all together they must be readable.

One of the biggest element in design for children's books is color, so font should be playful, colorful and interesting as much as possible, because color is the first thing that children notice.
Colors are drawing attention to children and automaticlly increasing interest in book. If you put monotone font on cover it will automatically reject children from the book and they will lose interest.

For completely perfect book cover you should also use some illustrations, because they are enriching book amazingly.

For the end, hope this will help you in further work and of course enjoy in this post! 


We introduce you 13 fonts for children's projects!

1. Herald Bouncy Font

This font which is made by Flavortype has awesome geometric elements and it is also beautiful serif. The greatest part is that it comes with loads of bonus vectors. All together it is amazing for children's projects such as book covers,posters and letters and all that is because of its unique but modern style.

2. Rogh and Tumble Font

Perfect, playful and readible font for chidlren's books and much more. This font made by Salt & Pepper Designs is really energetic and colorful will bring up your design on the higher level.

3. Mama Bear Font

This cute font is inspired by cartoon Bear's Furry and it is made by Win Rico FopiFopi also it is amazing for children's books, cd covers and other projects. As a plus you get some sweet vector bonus.


4. Sailor's Treasure Font

This font is beautiful serif and handwritten font which is made by Victor Barac. It is also a great and interesting duo font combination which is great for children's projects.


5. Book Worm Font

Book Worm Font is cute font made by Rendy Yanwar, which is also really simple and easy to read so it is perfect for younger children. However, this font is really playful and fun.


6. Funlet Font

Fun and playful font with 2 versions, outline and fill. You can use it for children's book cover and to enrich the cover you can add some illlustrations. This font was made by 1904 Studio.


7. The Great Circus Font

The Great Circus Font is amazing font made by Olivia Theresa. It has 3 different styles and also bonus clipart. Great display font for book titles.


8. Cook Book Font

Cook Book Font includes 2 types of fonts and over 100 funny fruits and vegetables designs. It is great for children, very playful and it was made by Daria Stoliarova.


9. Negrita Font 

Negrita is one big and bold but simple font with extra bonus, perfect match for books and children's proojects. It was made by Rodrigo German.


10. Wakiki Font

Font made by Faqih Sandri, inspired by Hawaiian look. Unique and fantastic for book covers, cards and logos. It comes with 7 different styles and with some extra fonts.


11. Blueberry Font 

With this cute font you can make your cover design fun and playful and you can also add some illustrations. It has 5 styles so you can choose which one you like the best. This fon was made by Stefan Asafti.


12. Endless Sorrow Font

Endless Sorrow Font is great for children's fairytales. This display font made by Artiamasa and it was inspired by vintage typography.


13. Sketchy Story Font

Sketchy Story Font is coming in two different styles: outline and fill, which is amazing because you can combinate this two styles. Font made by Denise Chandler is really thin and skinny font, also great for children's books.





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