By FontPlanet - Aug 16, 2018

Hi guys! This post is intended for all of you who wants to upgrade creativity to a new level and improve your skills.
It is very well known that typography is art and technique of creating something unique and it is powerful example of expressing each individual through different types of letters.
But font trends are growing and always developing something new like any other component of design.
So do you want to reach the highest point and be outstanding this year?
It is not too late because we are representing you best font trends in 2018.

We represent you 7 best typography trends in 2018!

Geometric Fonts

        Modern geometric sans serif font made by Patric King.


             Creative and geometric font made by BarcelonaShop. 


Geometric typefaces have been building up their popularity from the very first beginning which was in 1920. Because of their clean and straight lines these fonts reached highest point in 2018 typography trends. The geometric letterforms are entirely without serifs and round circles allude to perfection. With all of that and with their minimalistic look these fonts bring us modern and futuristic vibes. However, not only tech and scientific designs can be made, they are also great for logos and business cards which display the strength of their structure. So if you like minimalism and geometric shapes this type of fonts are great for you and for enriching design in 2018.

Big Bold Letters

                     Big and bold font made by Connary Fagen.


Big and bold font used in webpage by Janne Koivistoinen.


Similar to the geometric fonts, popularity is hugely increasing at bigger and bolder letters. Likewise this font trend is based on minimalism and simplicity. Such fonts have big purpose and is that they are simple and easy to read but all in all very effective. They are great for web design, photography and mostly they are all sans serif fonts which do not require much work but on the other hand they are go-to type trend 2018.


Retro Fonts



                                    Retro fonts and logos with vintage but also modern look made by Megan Tamaccio.


                                                                           Back to the 80's font made by Ardian Radityo.


Retro is always on top when we talk about fonts, so is this year too. Their popularity is always incredibly high.Basically this style was used in photography by adding filters on photos so they would look more old and by that and because of social media this trend continues in typography. It is perfect for getting back to the past and bring back to life some old memories. To make a font such as this, you have to take more time and work with various textures, shadows, rust, dots and lines. If you need inspiration you can always look back in 70's-90's photographs. Conclusion, you can never go wrong with retro font.




 Brush font with bold lines and sharp edges which is great for t-shirt print. This font was made by Sam Parrett.

              Beautiful watercolor brush font, great for cards and invitations made by Lucy.



Do you love writing, drawing or both? Yes? Then this trend is perfect for you, because handwritten fonts are IN! Each handwritten font is a unique like every star in the night, and by that these font brings beauty in every design. Brush fonts with grunge edges and bold lines are exclusively alluring. However, they can also be covered with watercolors with reason to bring a bit of fun and good vibes. Many handwritten fonts can be found on posters, invitations, logos and cover books. One of the better part of handwriting is that you can play with the lines, thickness and width of the letters as much as you want.


Colorful Letters


                                   Fun and playful colorful font by Igor Petrovic.


                                    Neon and sweet 3D font made by Ink Drop


If you like fun, play and bright colors, then this trend will win your heart. This type of fonts are very amusing and catchy so they are giving people extra visual interest. To get more successful work you can add some colorful gradient, textures and other graphic effects and by that you are adding your personality to font.


Fun with Gradient


                                                                      Gradient in hover effects.           


                                       Gradient font made by Sentavio.


Gradient is back in the game. Same as the trend of big and bold letters this fonts are easy to read and understand. They are absolutely amazing because of soft and light transition from color to color and that is the way they look so peaceful but also modern and fresh. On the other hand gradients are perfect for minimal design of pages, hovers, titles, 3D elements, icons and more. Also there are multicolored gradients with irregular blending whose purpose is to highlight words and draw attention of people.




                     Elegant and graceful serif font made by Connary Fagen.                                    

                      Glamourous and classical font made by Oliver James.


                           Soft serif font made by Jen Wagner.                                                

This serif font is very elegant and fashionable, perfect for magazines, it was made by Ahmad Ramzi Fahruddin.             


Serif fonts are also back, this time with even more elegance and glamor. The font which is more ornamental and fancy it is valued highly. Printed literature, detailed typography and creating more formal effect is the best way where you can use serifs. Every serif font is always stunning and stands out from the everything.


Hope this will be useful and inspire you to make more and more amazing work!  



2019 typography trends -> Coming soon!




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