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Apr 3, 2018
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OTF: Dark & Black

Dennis Ludlow 2017 all rights reserved

by Sharkshock



Deep within the twisted fabric of terror comes a font so spine tingling it will chill you to the very core. Dark & Black is a titling serif modeled after classic Roman letters with subtle levels of distress; notably slightly warped terminals and scratches. At small sizes or from far away it appears normal but the closer you get the more you’ll wish you kept your distance. Basic Latin, Extended Latin, numbers, punctuation, and kerning are included in the full version. Basic Latin and punctuation is included in the demo. Use it for a book cover, horror movie poster, or Halloween decorations.


If you’d like the full version (which includes Outlines) for personal use send $25 USD to this email address. Please note that this $25 does not constitute a commercial license of any kind. Visit www.sharkshock.net/license for information on licensing.


Thank you for your support!


visit www.sharkshock.net for more and take a bite out of BORING design!

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