By FontPlanet - Sep 22, 2018

We know that wedding plannig can be stressful, tiring and everything needs to be perfect, even the little parts, like wedding invitations. This post is intended to ease you at least this 'little' part, which is also very important.

You can choose which font style you like the most, for example, font can have modern look, be classic, elegant, handwritten or clear. 

To make your day even more special we introduce you 9 elegant, beautiful and unique fonts so you can easily choose the right one!

Enjoy in the post! 


1. Julietta Script Font

Julietta Font is lovely handwritten font, which brings up every design with its elegance. It is perfec for wedding invitationas and also it includes beautiful and light beginning and ending swashes.


2.  The Lovestory Font

This romantic and elegant font was made by Nicky Laatz. This handwritten font was made with watercolors which gives this font lovely touch. It is perfect for wedding invitations.


3. Fragile Font

This elegant and beautiful font is made by Josh Ownby. Gorgeous font collection which is great for invitations, logos, layouts and more. This font is unique because its adds own personality in every design.


4.  Floral Hearts Font

This beautiful font inspired by spring and flowers was made by Gulya Ju. With modern and calligraphy style it is great for wedding invitations and cards.


5. Aurora Font

This font is a little bit different from the others because it has vintage look but it is also great for invitations, logos and cards. This handwritten font inspired by traditional calligraphy was made by Andrey Sharonov


6. Its Miss Wiely Font

Miss Wiely is elegant, beautiful and modern font, which was made by It's Lativa. It is great for wedding invitations, logos and cards. 


7. London Font

This font was made by Jen Wagner and it is absolutely amazing. It is serif, elegant and luxe font which is also simple, easy to read and perfect for wedding invitations.


8. Summer Palms Font

This font was made by Mel Volkman and it is gorgeous hand lettered brush script which is great for wedding invitations, logo design, packaging and so much more. It is unique font and also you can play with upper and lowercase letters.


9. Brilon Font

Brilon is beautiful serif font, made by Tobias Saul and it was inspired by Art Deco era. It is also vintage but modern looking font and that makes this font very interesting to use especially for invitations or logo design. 





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