By Magdalena - Sep 5, 2018

Even though modern, futuristic and simple fonts are very popular today, there are plenty of really revered retro fonts which with their appereance get you back in the time and evoke old memories.

To achieve something like that you have to use some good old textures and illustrations from a certain period of time. For complete retro look you should choose wisely and be careful with size, style and look of the letters.

To inspire you in creating new and unique retro fonts, we introduce you 10 amazing typography trends for retro fonts. 


1. Storehouse Font

 Storehouse Font was inspired by tradition, hardworking brewers and 1800s. It was made by Leonard Posavec. This old fashioned, retro and vintage font also includes 10 powerful and different font styles.


2. Artick Font

 This retro font made by Heroglyphs is really amazing and it is great for retro and vintage design, poster and t-shirt. Artick font comes in 3 different styles, clean, rough and outline.


3. Old Scotch Font

Highly detailed retro/vintage font made by Pratama Yudha. It comes in 7 different font styles and they can be combined together for better looking design.



4. Motherline Font

 Motherline Font is great example of a retro font and it also includes 6 various font styles and also loads of illustrations and logo templates. This font was made by Hendry Juanda.


5. Sacred Font

 Sacred Bridge font was made by Blank Sub. It is a perfect match for advertising. This beautiful font cpme wit 11 different font styles.


6. Arbour Font

 Font made by Jeremy Vessey is awesome handmade retro font. It looks good on logotypes, various designs and posters.

7.  Sarcastic Font

 Amazing font inspired by classic posters, made by Teuku Dq Firnanda. It is perfect for posters, desing, labels and logotypes.


8. Lawless Font

 This font was inspired by American woodtype of the 1800s and it was made by Simon Stratford. It includes 4 different styles and they are perfect for vintage and wild west design.

9. Bourbon House Font

 Layered font which was inspired by classic whiskey labels, it was made by Andrey Sharonov. This serif font is great for logo, pacakages and labels, also it has 8 different font styles.


10. Lighthouse Font

Light House Font is awesome for logo, labels and advertising. Includes vintage and retro style with four different weights, also this font is textured and it was made by Icarus Bro.

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